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Big big big news

Posted By chancleta on Jul 29, 2009 at 2:11PM

So Melinda and Jim are back together and Melinda's pregnant.

Now what?

For a HUGE super BIG spoiler check out this link:




Tell me what you think?

Finally the epy we've all been waiting for! *SPOILER*

Posted By chancleta on Mar 18, 2009 at 1:32PM

This past Friday's epy ("Leap of Faith") had me in tears.

Finally our sweet beloved Jim gets his memory back!

*happy dance*

It was the moment all true Ghost Whisperer fans have been waiting for.

Holding their breaths for.

It was beautiful, it was worth it, and I had to watch it again and again.

This article (courtesy of Entertainment Weekly on line) says it best:

'Ghost Whisperer': The episode we've been waiting for!
Mar 14, 2009, 12:40 PM | by Mandi Bierly
"I didn't want to put a spoiler in the headline, so it was either "Ghost Whisperer: The episode we've been waiting for!" or "Ghost Whisperer: ... Yay!" If you saw the promo for last night's show in which David Conrad said "Why do you keep calling me Sam?," you guessed that we were getting our Jim back. (Plus, it's sweeps, which is probably why CBS' promo department spoiler-ed itself.) I almost wish I hadn't known. I bet my reaction would've been even stronger had I not been expecting it to be "the one." I mean, I still experienced a strong desire to hug someone, which is pretty great. But I've could been jumping off the couch and doing a little "[Shake it to the left] Jim! Jim! [Shake it to the right] Jim! Jim!" dance. (I'd had a large, killer mango margarita with dinner. I was primed.)
How did you celebrate the return of Jim? I didn't realize how much I missed the sweet, laid-back, wrap-you-in-a-blanket-of-love tone of voice Conrad reserved for that personality until I heard it again. (Watch the "Just call me Jim, Mel. It's my name" clip after the jump.) What are you most looking forward to now that the couple is reunited? (I'm all about seeing Conrad wear those wifebeaters to bed again... and carrying around this major spoiler.) And was the resolution to the "Sim" storyline (that's amnesiac Sam, with Jim's soul inside him) dramatic enough for you? Sim's "Leap of Faith" into the water filling the underground tunnels, where ghost Dr. Byrd told Eli Melinda was trapped after trying to save another "step-in," did it for me. After watching his swim again, I think that Jim finally emerged in Sim when Sam's body neared death (again), and that Jim's life passed before his eyes when he realized that he'd been holding his breath for two minutes. That montage melted my jaded TV viewer heart. Or maybe it was just the shots of Conrad in a wet T-shirt. Either way... Yay!"

(Source: http://popwatch.ew.com/popwatch/2009/03/ghost-whisperer.html)

If you missed it PM me and I'll send you a link on YouTube where you can watch it.

If you want to watch it again check out the http://www.cbs.com/primetime/ghost_whisperer/
for clips.

Jim and Mel are back!

Hooked: Life on the Line 4x11

Posted By chancleta on Jan 12, 2009 at 10:00AM

Ghost Whisperer has done it again.
This new story line with Jim/Sam has me completely sucked in.
Every episode I’m desperate for Melinda to have another moment with Jim/Sam.
With every Jim memory he gets I do a little dance for joy.
With that being said this past Friday’s episode (Life on the Line 4x11) was totally a winner in my book.
It had fear, scares, intrigue, and all the characters involved.
I love it!
But it was Sam’s Jim memory of how to care for the injured boy that really had me hooting.
Oh and next week’s episode (This Joint’s Haunted 4x12) will have my chest in knots.
I just know it!
Check it out:

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Pieces Of You 4x09 Promo

Posted By chancleta on Dec 2, 2008 at 6:09AM
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What do you make of Jim's new body Sam?

Posted By chancleta on Dec 2, 2008 at 6:02AM

So I know we all wish the Ghost Whisperer writers had left our dearly beloved sweet and hot Jim Clancy (David Conrad) alone.
But now that you've watched "Heart and Soul" what do you make off the new story line?

Heart and Soul 4x08

Posted By chancleta on Dec 2, 2008 at 5:46AM

"Heart and Soul" (the latest epy and the one immediately following Jim entering the body of a newly dead-and-just-walked-in-to-the-light Sam) was absolutely amazing.

However, before I step forward and review this epy let me step backwards for any one that may have missed the previous epy.

Melinda's beloved husband Jim has died.

But his spirit refuses to leave Melinda and enter the light.

He's not angry - he just can't bring him self to leave her.

She keeps telling him he has to go.

That him staying isn't right and she wants him to leave.

She's torn apart because she's trying to do what's best for him and he's torn apart because he's trying to be near her.

Just then an accident takes place in front of them.

A motorcyclist has been hit and is dying on the scene.

Jim runs up to the body.

The spirit of the body (Sam) leaves the body and enters the light.

But the paramedics are still trying to revive him.

Jim takes one last look at Melinda and steps in to Sam's body (with Melinda screaming, "No Jim don't.").

Thus begins "Heart and Soul".

Melinda has watched her husband Jim entered Sam's body.

She knows he's in there.

But as Sam (aka Jim) starts to wake-up he doesn't remember anything.

A little research from Melinda's buddy Eli reveals that what Jim has done results in something similiar to being reborn with almost all of past life memories being lost.

But Melinda refuses to give up on Jim.

After all he made the ultimate sacrifice for her how can she give up on him know right?

What unravels is the begining of a beautiful story.

Sam (aka Jim) is drawn to her. He has feelings for her. Her laugh seems so familiar. But he's not exactly the same Jim. Now that he's Sam his taste buds are different. He's got a new family to contend with. But he can't help but feel drawn to Melinda.

I must say when I first heard of this story line I had my doubts.

After all - how could any of this honestly honor Jim.

But ya know what?

It has.

I'm in love with this story line and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Bravo GW writers.

You may pull this off yet!

If you haven't seen this epy yet you MUST check it out.

Click here for a full breakdown (courtesy of Two Cents): http://keithp23.blogspot.com/2008/11/ghost-whisperer-recap-review-heart-...


Visit cinnamonandvanilla24 on YouTube here to watch the 6 part epy in it's entirety: http://www.youtube.com/user/cinnamonandvanilla24
Thank you cinnamonandvanilla24!

A bit of love and a dash of foreshadowing

Posted By chancleta on Oct 28, 2008 at 11:22AM

Last Friday’s Ghost Whisperer was like a breath of fresh air.

Melinda and Jim decided to take an anniversary cruise to spend some much needed time alone.

So we, the faithful viewers, get to see our favorite couple away from home, work, and the antique shop.

Click here to read a full recap (courtesy of The Two Cents): http://keithp23.blogspot.com/2008/10/ghost-whisperer-recap-review-save-o...

The episode was shot aboard the Queen Mary (a vintage boat that took her maiden voyage in 1936).

Click here to learn more about the Queen Mary and how you can visit the ship if your ever in Long Beach, California: http://www.queenmary.com/index.php

The episode entitled “Save Our Souls” even featured some great music by Solange Knowles.

Click here to hear the song and see mini GW video in honor of Melinda and Jim: http://www.cbs.com/primetime/ghost_whisperer/video/video.php?cid=5900818...

In the episode Jim and Melinda get sucked in to helping an angry scorned (covered in sea weed) jilted lover ghost who attaches herself to any man that stays in one particular suite.

She even tries to make her move on Jim once ;)

In the end Melinda helps everyone make nice and our angry sea weed ghost crosses over.

But the real clincher is at the very end of the epi.

Melinda and Jim get home when Melinda discovers she’s feeling quite nauseas.

Jim asks, “Can you be pregnant?”


We’ve wanted it.
We’ve seen it coming.
But this may be it.
Melinda could finally be caring hottie Jim’s baby.

Here’s the problem.

In the preview for next week’s epi we learn we’ve got an energized Halloween epi coming up.


In two weeks we’ll learn what that ghost meant when she said “death might brush off on what you touch”.

Watch this clip for the Season 4 promo that reveals the warning: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LoZwOKoYI8Q

The other bit of foreshadowing the promo makes?

“Can love transcend death”?


I cannot take this.

Are they really going to let Melinda get pregnant and kill Jim?


Check out these photos from “Threshold” Epi 4x07 and “Heart and Soul” Epi 4x08

She’s wearing black!
She’s giving him the “your dead” look!

So I am taking this knowledge to the internet and trying to find a spoiler.

Wish me luck and be sure to tell me what you think ;)


Posted By chancleta on Oct 7, 2008 at 6:10AM

The season premiere of Ghost Whisperer "Firestarter" opened some new questions and alluded to some future dilemmas that quite honestly has me a little concerned.

With rumors abound that Jim might die: could the producers be laying the ground work for his impending demise?

Here's a couple of the new items that have me on edge:

1. We've guessed for some time that Professor Payne has the hots for Melinda. But now we know that he's in love with Melinda. So much so that he is taking a job far away just to give him self distance. Then when he comes to say good-bye Melinda starts crying and looks back at Jim. Is she a little torn? Is she starting to have feelings for Professor Payne? Or is it simply friendship? Or are the producers letting us know something could be there one day if Jim wasn't around?

2. Melinda and Jim have been trying to have a baby for 4 months.

3. Who are the new ghostly aides hanging around? And what did she mean when she told Melinda that doing what she does comes with a price and she may have a bit of death on her?

Any thoughts?

Weigh in!

SPOILER ALERT - More Ghost Whisperer news

Posted By NadiaPotter on Sep 20, 2008 at 7:28AM

'Ghost Whisperer' Boss Speaks Out on Killer Plot: "We Would Never Betray Our Audience!"

pff... yakidi smakidi... Ausiello speak to the "Boss" (the executive producing team) of Ghost Whisperer. I only read BLAH BLAH BLAH, and BLEH BLE MEH... there could be a list of factors that led me to read only that:

- I'm still piss off they kill Melinda's best and very reliable friend Andrea

- I'm still mad at the fact they want to kill Melinda's hubby, because it is necessary for the story.

- I'm still F%!@*^& mad because Ned grew up to the little-brown hair to the big blondie hair

so, I didn't understand a thing of what the producers said about the decision to kill a BIG character, but it is just me and my madness. Read it for yourself and let the comments on the news.

Ausiello: Let's start with the basic question: What's going to happen to Jim this season?
Simonds: I'll try to be a little bit coy but not too coy. What we said from the beginning of the season is this is something that we've been thinking about and planning for a long time, and the show has been dropping clues and hints for quite a long time. There's been a lot of Internet speculation about what's going to happen, and some of it's right. But what a lot of people don't understand, what a lot of people have been getting wrong, is why we're doing it. Number one, what we're doing is very big and we're very excited about it creatively, but not because it's going to get a momentary burst of ratings; we believe it will thrill our audience in a lot of different ways, and reconnect them to the show, and sort of intensify the bond they feel between themselves and our characters. Our show is sometimes procedural in nature in that Melinda meets new people every week and helps them with their problems. But the show has not always been as much about her life and her relationships and her problems. What we're trying to do is this season is do an overall arc or mythology which is entirely about Melinda and her relationships. It's also a way of kind of bringing together all the strands of the show, because it is a show, let's face it, that deals with death. And the reason the audience loves the show so much is that we find ways to deal with death that are honest; we're not changing anything where that’s concerned. We are going to confront our main characters with death in an intense and personal way, but we're going to find the real point of the storytelling. It's not who or what or when, really, it's about what comes next. And I think a really important thing for the audience to remember is that this is also a show about love. Love between human beings and how powerful and eternal it is. This all began a long time ago as a conversation about how do we make this show even more romantic than it already is. A lot of people feel like the relationship between Jim and Melinda is a wonderful and almost too perfect relationship, and we felt that way too. So we wanted to kind of shake things up.
Moses: And also explore some ghost rules, but still stay true to the ghost rules that were set up in the beginning.

Ausiello: When does this story start to unfold?
Simonds: The bomb is going go off in November. It's not a literal bomb, but it’s going to feel like one. The repercussions are going to carry forward throughout the entire season.
Sander: This bombshell is part of the mythology and raising the stakes on the mythology. What I believe we're also saying is that this is not the endgame. It is, in fact, part of, a new beginning of a mythology that we think will become exciting and build over the course of the season. The show will also deliver on what the audience has come to love and expect, and that is Melinda still will be dealing with ghosts, still dealing with their issues and unfinished business. There will be closure at the end of each episode and satisfaction at the end of each episode while she performs that heroic task. In addition to that, we will have that personal mythology that folds back on her.
Moses: In season 1 the mythology was the spirit world is getting stronger. Then in season 2, the veil between the living and the dead is getting thinner, and we continued that into season 3. And the mythology this year is that love transcends death.

Ausiello: A lot of fans are saying that a big reason they tune in is for the Jim-Melinda relationship. Obviously, they're worried that killing him off will screw with that.
Simonds: We're not going to confirm or deny anything, and I apologize because we're all professionals and that seems silly. But we can't do that. Because if you do that, there are a number of people who are going to use that as an excuse not to watch. And we want people to watch, because the whole point of this is the journey. It's not about knowing what happens or what's going to happen; it's about experiencing it. And we want people to experience that. What I will say is that what the audience cares about is the exact same thing we care about, and we would never do anything to betray our audience or the investment that they have in those characters and that relationship. If there's one thing they don't have to worry about, it's that ultimately that won’t be taken away.

Ausiello: The skeptics out there are saying this story is essentially a ratings stunt.
Moses: It's definitely not a stunt.
Sander: We've all tried those -- a big stunt that gives you a lot of flash, and when the dust settles, you're left with a lot less than you had before. We would never let that happen to this show. It’s too valuable and too important to us to play games with. It’s really not about that.

Ausiello: There's also a theory floating around that perhaps this idea was born out of David Conrad's desire to have more to do on the show.
Simonds: We have an embarrassment of riches on this show in terms of our cast. We always want to find ways to use those actors in new and interesting ways, so that was, of course, part of our thinking. None of them have ever complained to us about what we asked them to do, but, of course, all artists ever want to do is something new. I can only assume that they were and are thrilled whenever we can give them new kinds of challenges.
Sander: I'm directing the current episode, and they not only take those challenges, they're running with them. Anybody who's been underused who's getting used more is absolutely relishing it and stepping up. It's been really great to watch.

Ausiello: Are you concerned at all about the "jumping the shark" factor?
Simonds: For me, jumping the shark is when you change the rules to the show -- somehow it's harder to believe in, or impossible to believe in.
Sander: If the audience feels betrayed with what they believe up until that point, then you run that risk, so, in that sense, we were concerned about it. But we have no concern whether that is actually going to happen. People just need to watch, and if they watch, I can pretty much guarantee that they will be really satisfied with the experience. The show for us has certain rules, and certain sacred trusts with the audience in terms of what we give them every week and the way the world works. None of those rules are broken and none of those trusts are broken. We take that very seriously.
Simonds: The audience is not going to feel betrayed or in any way disappointed as they're watching this show.


New Ghost Whisperer Season SPOILER

Posted By chancleta on Sep 3, 2008 at 6:27AM

The amazing Nadia Potter just brought some terrible awful news to my attention.
A major MAJOR Ghost Whisperer spoiler.
Caution DO NOT continue unless you really want to read this spoiler about the upcoming season.
They're going to KILL OFF Melinda's husband Jim.
Can you believe it?
I'm horrified!

Here's the article:
"Warning: Major 'Ghost Whisperer' Spoiler Below!
Aug 28, 2008, 03:41 PM | by Michael Ausiello

Categories: Ghost Whisperer

Consider this your final warning.

Okay, so, death is no stranger to Ghost Whisperer. Heck, the show's very premise hinges on Jennifer Love Hewitt chatting with the dearly departed every week. (Or so Mandi Bierly tells me.)

But this season, the Grim Reaper makes it personal.

Although CBS declined to comment, multiple sources confirm what has been buzzing on the Internet for weeks (final final warning): Melinda is about to become a widow, as producers have decided to kill off TV hubby Jim (David Conrad) early in season 4.



Remember, this is Ghost Whisperer, people. It's highly unlikely that Jim's death will mark the end of Conrad's GW run (see also: sassy Talk Soup lady). But how long will he be sticking around and in what capacity? God only knows.

Bottom line: If, like Ms. Bierly, you only watch GW for "those special moments when he actually gets to do something, like wear a wifebeater to bed," don't freak out. At least not until I tell you to freak out.

Okay, time to freak out."

Source: http://ausiellofiles.ew.com/2008/08/warning-major-g.html

So what do you make of it ladies?
Are you horrified? Or do you think this could breathe a breath of fresh air in to the show?

Me? I'm upset.
Not Jim!
He's the best TV husband ever.
They were suppose to have a baby together!